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Bunny Turducken: An Open Thread Interlude

September 29, 2012

OK, not all of America was salivating over the Lièvre à royale  during the slow (but sumptuous to us here in New Orleans) chef’s dinner, but I sure what to get me some of that bunny turducken, and a glass of that brandy so old Napoleon is not an apt appellation. I do wish the producers would grace us with subtitles when the chefs lapse into French. It was one of the slowest scenes in the entire series, a bit of Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon dropped into Treme. Everything is in the can now for Season Three but even a line’s worth of explication of the dilemma of brain drain, people leaving New Orleans to seek real success, would probably have helped.

Still, Mr. Bourdain, you know where to find me next time this is on the menu.

Anyway, it’s Open Thread, time to start getting the juices flowing and your mise en place ready for Sunday night.

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