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Back Of Town Protests SOPA and PIPA

January 17, 2012

Along with true creators everywhere, Back Of Town stands against the far-reaching and draconian anti-piracy bills under consideration in the United States Congress – the Stop Online Piracy Act (House) and its even worse Senate sibling, the Protect Intellectual Property Act. Until 10pm tomorrow, we will participate in the internet-wide blackout against these pieces of legislation.

All creation requires a substrate. Unless one is God, perhaps, one cannot create in a vacuum, from nothing. Back Of Town would not exist without Treme and other related works. It is our ability to quote, snippet, source and refer along with original writing that keeps this blog and its community going. Remember then that Treme would not be making money for HBO without the very free and public story of New Orleans. Our story.

Stealing is wrong, but it is much more important to first define theft and to address it in a just, consistent and comprehensive manner that really spurs creation. SOPA and PIPA do none of that.

Everything came from something before. Please join us in protecting the internet and the spirit of knowledge-sharing and discussion it represents.

Write your Representative

Tor breaks down very nicely what exactly is at stake.

SOPA Strike

Text of SOPA legislation – H.R. 3261

Text of PIPA legislation – Senate Bill 968

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