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Gimme my projects back!

May 23, 2010

Via commenter doctorj2u, we have some video goodness from Big Red Cotton relevant to Big Chief Lambreaux’s simmering battle over the projects, which came to a head in episode 6 when he tossed out the city council aide for offering him and his gang a FEMA trailer. A FEMA trailer for all of them. I hadn’t yelled at a TV like that since late 2005.

BigRedCotton — May 22, 2010 — Homegoing tribute for Brandon Franklin at Hi Ho Lounge, sponsored by Stooges Brass Band. This is one of my favorite TBC songs:

“Gon talk to Nagin…and give him a piece of my mind! Give me my projects back!”

Also featuring footwork of Shalanda Goffner, member of Lady Buckjumpers Social Aid and Pleasure Club

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For those not in the know, sax player, teacher, and all-around hardworking musician and To Be Continued Brass Band member Brandon Franklin was murdered at the age of 22, shot down in Hollygrove.

Memorials for this man, who came and went much too quickly in this life, have also come and gone, but one can still contribute to his memorial fund to defray his funeral expenses and help care for his son. The information is at the bottom of this post.

And speaking of Big Red, she has a new post up on Notes from New Orleans about the weekly Treme viewings at the Charbonnet Funeral Home. Check it out.

Thanks again, doctorj2u.

  1. crescentCityRay permalink
    May 23, 2010 3:51 pm

    Please ask BP and our government officials my questions and report the answers.

    PROBLEM 1: Toxicity IS NOT the issue. The biggest current problem is the dispersant is working as intended. All O&G industry standard oil spill response tools are totally ineffective at defending marshes from subsurface dispersed oil because it sneaks in under booms. This is a hostile chemical weapon of mass destruction sneak attack and our government should immediately stop dispersion. They are subjugating our defense. There is no apparent urgency.

    QUESTION 1: When will BP and Admiral Allan change strategy, and promote leaked oil reaching the surface, rather than hiding oil from our defenses and sneaking it in under BP’s booms?

    I believe they should turn off the dispersant and boom, skim and burn and remove oil from the surface where we have a fighting chance of defending our wetlands. If anything they should be introducing stuff at the source that encourages the petrochemicals to float. Who knows if or when they will ever stop the leak?

    The gulf has already become too saturated with dispersed oil that will scar our gulf’s bottoms with toxins forever and threatens to penetrate and poison our world all the way to Lake Maurepas.

    What is at stake: Forget about those of us that for 250 years, have lived off the land in South Louisiana. I hope BP and the feds realize they are destroying one third of America’s wetlands. Louisiana has 70,000 miles of marsh coastline under attack. Trillions of lives, although they are not all human, are about to be lost because of their dispersant use decisions. Where is the defense of American soil?

    PROBLEM 2: Dredging and the South Louisiana protection and ‘cleanup’ solutions require the dredged barrier island extensions that the feds and BP probably view as cost prohibitive. 1) The dispersed oil in the gulf will linger for years, probably decades. Louisiana will need to continuously struggle to keep the poison from reaching further and further into our estuaries over time. A solid barrier is the only way to fight off submerged oil that will move with currents in our gulf for many years. Regardless of when the dredging is complete, the barriers will help us protect ourselves for many years. 2) The barrier island extensions with strategically designed and located passes are necessary for cleaning up whatever gets past BP’s floating defenses. Obviously, we will have to try to continuously rinse our wetlands with fresh river water that will flush most toxins and hopefully transform dead poisoned salt-water marshes into mostly fresh water cypress swamps with coastal salt water marshes like it was before the Louisiana Purchase. The barrier islands would provide enough backpressure for the fresh water rinse to be controlled. We can always let nature pick where she wants passes.

    QUESTION 2: Why doesn’t the Admiral at least approve immediate emergency dredge mobilization to appropriate locations? Do they really believe we are going to accept a NO to the dredging request? Do they think we will believe they are declining permit out of concerns for our environment?

    Do they think we are stupid? – I know the answer to that one.

    QUESTION 3: Does not BP & the feds know they will not be allowed by the state to attempt to clean up our marshes at the expense of thousands of laborers’ future health after they stomp down and further damage our marsh? Don’t they know Louisiana’s cleanup will require a continuous fresh water flush?

    QUESTION 4: Why are they not trying a different leak kill method every day? What happened to concurrent, parallel development of a variety of things to try? Is BP just pretending to try because they only have confidence in the relief wells and they don’t want to spend money on what they view as too expensive and a waste of their time? It sure seems they keep putting all their eggs into one failed basket after another.

    QUESTION 5: Has the government and BP already established a fixed budget for this incident, before they have even stopped the leak? Does Louisiana’s defense exceed their budget?

    QUESTION 6: Do they intend to get over on us like Exxon did Alaskans? Are we considered disposable, a necessary sacrifice for the sake of BP’s shareholders and our country’s oil production.?

    Yes, I know I am panicking. Why aren’t they?

    I’d appreciate any blog report with answers to my questions.

  2. doctorj2u permalink
    May 23, 2010 6:19 pm

    You are very welcome, liprap. Isn’t it wonderful! And CresentCityRay, I understand your frustration and anger. I think it is one of the reasons I loved this video so much. I have spent the weekend on the Huffington Post being told by American Democrats we are whining, that we deserved it (because we live in a red state), and that we just need to help ourselves. Does that remind anyone of another party and another time? Again, New Orleans culture saves my soul and emboldens me to face another day with hope and joy in my heart.

  3. liprap permalink
    May 23, 2010 8:40 pm

    CCRay, we are all panicking, and we’re pretty damn angry. Judging from one blogger’s recent viewings of the BP “Spillcam”, this thing is getting much, much worse:

    I so want to get all of your questions answered. If anybody can clue us all in, please comment, or provide some links. ‘Til then, keep contributing to some of the links back in this post, y’all, as well as the Second Harvest Food Bank in New Orleans, who’s supplying the fishermen and women who are out of work with food at this time. Don’t forget the bird adoption program kicked off at First Draft by our own Athenae – the link’s in our sidebar.

    And to BP: gimme my Gulf back, you fucking asswipes.

  4. doctorj2u permalink
    June 10, 2010 9:53 pm

    This is for you.

  5. liprap permalink
    June 11, 2010 7:29 am

    Thanks for that doctorj. Beautiful tribute.

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