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The real people behind the characters

April 9, 2010

Dave Walker turns in two great pieces today in the Times-Picayune:

Meet the real New Orleanians who inspired the characters in HBO’s ‘Treme’


Blogger Ashley Morris provides some of the words for John Goodman’s HBO ‘Treme’ character

That second one quotes both Folse and myself quite a lot, so, y’know, it might all be bullshit, but it’s a fun read anyways.

The title is the real money quote:  note, not “is portrayed by”, but “provides some of the words for”.  This is important, people; John Goodman does not play Ashley Morris, he plays a character who sometimes serves as a vehicle for stuff Ashley said.  There will be differences between Creighton and AshMo, and some of them will be stark and surprising.

I’m so excited I could bust.  My boss at my new job is probably very thrilled at how much work I’m not getting done today.


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